Buscopan® family of products

Acts directly on cramps that cause the pain vs analgesics that act by blocking the pain signals which only mask the pain

Works in as fast as 15 minutes*3

Gentle on your stomach

N°1 worldwide on the antispasmodic market1

 Find your relief

Not sure which product to choose?

The Buscopan® family of products will help provide relief to lower belly pain, but you may not be sure which one is right for you. Go to the Symptom Checker, enter your symptoms and discover which Buscopan® Product will help you relieve pain.

    *Based on 20mg formulation

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    #2 Buscopan Mono Insert CCDS-v1-LRC-25-Jul-2019a

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    #4 Busco Plus Insert CCDS0061-06

    #5 Busco Venus Insert CCDS0061-06

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