Transparency and sustainability are at the core of our every choice

That’s why we work hard in both directions, making sure our products empower our consumers while taking care of the environment.


We don’t stop at revealing our formulation’s ingredients, we also provide insight into their purpose and production methods. 

Our goal? To ensure our consumer’s trust and understanding
regarding their choice for abdominal pain relief.

Our products are:

Made with scientifically proven, high-quality ingredients

Developed under good manufacturing practices 

Packaged in a clean environment to avoid particle contamination


We’re consistently working on reducing our packaging’s environmental impact by taking 3 distinct actions:

Reducing waste

We're persistently minimizing plastic and aluminium usage. In 2024, we introduced a new 20-count blister pack for Buscopan 20mg that allowed us to reduce plastic use by 50%. Now we are focusing our efforts on implementing this change globally.

Using sustainable materials

Our goal is to use only FSC-certified materials from responsibly managed forests for Buscopan box and leaflet.

Our pledge

Our sustainability commitments extend beyond Buscopan. Learn how our parent company, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, is taking action to build healthier communities and a healthier planet.