Getting to know your stomach pain

You're on your way home. Suddenly, you feel a pain in your stomach but you don't know if it's from food, stress, work or something else. Pain can have lots of different causes, so detecting what's causing yours is important to be able to treat it correctly.

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  •  Types of pain

What does your pain feel like?

Stomach or belly pain varies depending on how it feels or due to factors such as intensity, duration or location (upper or lower stomach). Listening to your body will help you understand your pain, which can be one of these types:

Hilab (Cramps or spasms)
Stress or emotions can produce this pain, which can be intense and attacks by surprise

Ipit (Tightening)
Tightening pain is felt more in the lower half of the stomach.

Tusok (Pricking)
Pricking pain that make you want to curl into a ball can be felt on the lower half of the body.

  •  Pain area

Where does it hurt?

Stomach pain can surprise you and leave you confused on what to do. To better understand it, it's important to detect where it's located and where it spreads to because this can help your doctor determine its possible causes.

  •  Frequency

How common is your abdominal pain?

Suffering from stomach pain should not be ignored as it may affect your daily activities. How often your stomach hurts can be an indicator to help you realize that something else, like stress, is causing it. If you feel frequent, persistent or more intense pain, consult your doctor.

  • Causes of pain

What causes stomach pain?

There can be many causes of stomach pain, some of which are more serious than others. That's why it's recommended that you visit your doctor to diagnose them. On a daily basis, these are some of the most common:

 Tips and suggestions

What to take for stomach pain?

There are certain medications that can help ease your pain. Find out what the most common medicines for stomach pain are for.


These types of substances help relax the muscles in your stomach, relieving cramps.


These are medications that can reduce or alleviate pain by cutting off the pain signals sent to your brain.


These medications reduce the effects of heartburn by neutralizing gastric acid in the stomach.


Buscopan®, your ally in relieving cramps and stomach pain

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Understand your stomach pain

  • Buscopan® can help you relieve stomach pain linked to cramps because it relaxes the muscles in your stomach and relieves cramps. If you have more symptoms, consult your doctor.

  • Self diagnosing is not recommended. If discomfort and pain persist, see your doctor.

  • If the pain continues or increases, consult your doctor.

  • Pain in the stomach caused by eating habits, stressful situations or life changes can be avoided with practices such as a balanced diet or stress management.

  • To reduce pain while at home, try placing a warm compress on your stomach, drinking plenty of fluids, and getting some rest.

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Feeling pain and knots in your stomach can be very frustrating! Don't let your pain limit you, find out how you can ease it.