Stressful situations can come in good or bad: first day of work,   traffic , preparing for an important presentation  or the nerves you experience when you see your bills  can cause intense feelings that affect your stomach .

Mock-up of a human body with a double arrow linking the brain and the gut

What affects your mind, affects your stomach

Did you know about the GUT-BRAIN AXIS? Your gut is connected to your mind, so your emotions and mood can impact it, causing you to feel pain (hilab, ipit, tusok) and vice versa.

This pain can affect both your quality of life and your health. To alleviate these symptoms and break the pain cycle, it is important to maintain healthy habits and treat your stomach pain.

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Buscopan gives you solutions for different types of abdominal pain and intensity

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Use this interactive tool to determine which Buscopan® product is right for your stomach pain.

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How does Buscopan® help you?

Buscopan®, through its active ingredients, acts directly on the cramps in your stomach, relieving the pain they cause.

Acts directly on cramps that cause the pain vs analgesics that act by blocking the pain signals which only mask the pain

Works in as fast as 15 minutes*3

Gentle on your stomach

N°1 worldwide on the antispasmodic market1

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Feeling pain in your lower stomach can be very frustrating! Don't let your pain stop you from your day, find out how you can ease it.

Buscopan® - Sapul ang pain, Relax ang tyan!

    *Based on 20mg formulation

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