The connection between your stomach and your mind

Do you feel hilab, ipit or tusok? Or butterflies in your stomach during special situations? That could be stomach cramps! Life surprises you with emotions at every step. Sometimes intense or unexpected feelings can be reflected in your stomach as pain.

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How do emotions affect your stomach?

From euphoria to anxiety, the emotions you feel impact your stomach and your mind, as they're both connected. In various life situations, your stomach could reflect those emotions by causing you stomach pain.


Work Stress
New opportunities and presentation deadlines can make you feel overwhelmed and your stomach suffers from it.

School Stress
Projects, deadlines and tests can be too much at the same time and can give you lower belly pain

Payday Madness
The nerves and anxiety that come from making sure you can pay your bills and buy all necessary ítems can feel like a knot in your stomach.

  • How does it affect me?

The emotions you feel have an effect on your stomach

TThe brain and the gut are directly connected through the vagus nerve. This connection, called the Gut-Brain axis, links the 500 million neurons in the belly to the 100 billion neurons in the brain, occurs in both directions. That means that if something happens in one of them, the other one reacts. Feeling intense emotions will have an effect on your body and mind.

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  • Tips and suggestions

Strike a balance

Pay attention to the connection between your stomach and your brain: by taking care of one, you're taking care of the other.

Don't neglect your body

There are situations that can cause pain on your lower stomach. Listen to your body and learn how to soothe it.

Avoid stressful situations

Identify those intense moments or emotions that cause stomach cramps and avoid them.

Consume probiotics

Certain probiotics help protect your stomach.

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Understand a bit more about emotions

  • Intense emotions or stress can cause discomfort in the belly, so it could become a factor that causes pain if you have IBS.

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Learn more about how to take care of yourself

Feeling pain and knots in your stomach can be very frustrating! Don't let your pain limit you, find out how you can ease it.