Situations such as moving to a new home , the first day of work , an important presentation or the anxiety of your wedding day can bring about intense feelings that can cause knots in your stomach .

Illustration demonstrating link between gut and brain

What affects your mind, affects your stomach

Your gut is connected to your mind, so your feelings, emotions and moods can impact it, causing pain, and vice versa. This can affect both your quality of life and your health. To ease these symptoms and break the pain cycle, it is important to understand healthy habits, how to maintain them and what treatment options are available to help relieve your belly pain.

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Buscopan®, for abdominal pain relief.


  • Mild to Moderate pain intensity
  • Tablets
  • +18 years

If you struggle with painful abdominal cramps and discomfort trust Buscopan® for targeted effective relief. Buscopan® is an antispasmodic that is gentle* and offers a dual benefit – it relaxes the tight muscles to relieve the pain. Buscopan® is available behind the pharmacist’s counter without a prescription. Ask your pharmacist.

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Targeted Relief - Acts directly in the abdomen where the pain and cramps occur

Well-tolerated and gentle* on the stomach

#1 recommended brand worldwide for abdominal cramping relief 

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Buscopan® - Untie your belly, untie your life

*Buscopan® is a substance that blocks the effect of acetylcholine (neurotransmitter). Side affects are generally mild and limited.