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Understand abdominal discomfort and pain

What causes abdominal pain? What's the difference between heartburn, for instance, and pain caused by abdominal cramps? Most importantly: what can I do to treat abdominal discomfort and pain?
This section of the international Buscopan® website looks at the different kinds of abdominal discomfort and pain, their symptoms, causes and possible treatments. It also provides background information about the anatomy of the abdomen, and the important tasks these organs perform.

Understanding pain

Each of us has a unique experience of our body and its needs. Pain is often a "message" from our body. It's important to understand what the message means...

Abdominal pain and cramps

This section looks at the different types of abdominal pain, cramps and discomfort, its potential causes and possible treatment options.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Medical professionals have reported that up to 20% of the adult population suffer from painful abdominal cramps, The collection of unpleasant and painful symptoms...

Menstrual pain

This chapter looks at the symptoms and causes of menstrual pain, and presents some effective treatments to ensure that menstrual cramps don't control our lives.

Questions about Buscopan®?

We've collected the most common questions - and their answers - about abdominal pain and cramps, Buscopan® and Buscopan® Plus.

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The active ingredient in Buscopan® is derived from the leaves of an Australian native tree, known as the corkwood tree or Duboisia...