Treating menstrual pain

Buscopan - Treating menstrual pain

"I love sailing and I used to worry about getting my period during a regatta. But now I don't need to fear getting "shipwrecked" by cramps."
There are a number of options for treating the pain of menstrual cramps.
Strong menstrual pain can be effectively treated with an antispasmodic (to relieve painful cramps of the surrounding abdominal organs) in combination with an analgesic (to relieve the pain). Buscopan® Plus offers exactly this combination, to provide fast and effective relief from menstrual pain.


For milder pain, warmth from a hot water bottle or bath can help relax the muscles of the abdomen. There are also other remedies that women have used over the years to treat menstrual pain. You can explore these remedies in the Advice section of this website.
If you find that menstrual pain becomes unexpectedly worse, or is accompanied by fever, weight loss or other unusual symptoms, please visit a qualified medical practitioner.

How Buscopan® Plus works

Buscopan® Plus (also known as Buscapina® Compositum N in some countries) has a dual effect. Paracetamol, a proven analgesic, reduces the pain of uterine cramps. At the same time, Butylscopolamine relieves the painful cramps of the colon and intestine that often accompany menstrual pain. In this way, Buscopan® Plus quickly and effectively relieves the pain of menstrual cramps, without interfering in the body's natural menstrual rhythm.

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Buscopan® is the first choice for reliable relief from the pain and discomfort due to abdominal cramps.

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How Buscopan® works

The active ingredient in Buscopan® is derived from the leaves of an Australian native tree, known as Duboisia...